4 Common Hardwood Installation Mistakes to Avoid

For homeowners looking to add value and beauty to their homes, replacing existing floors with hardwood can be a great way to go. After all, today’s buyers have voiced a high demand remodeling albuquerque nm for hardwood flooring. Those considering hardwood flooring for their homes can save a great deal of money by completing the hardwood installation themselves instead of hiring an Albuquerque flooring professional, but there are some potentially costly mistakes that will need to be carefully avoided along the way.

Not Preparing the Sub Floor

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when trying to lay their own floor is that of not adequately preparing the sub floor, which is usually made of a plywood material. Many homeowners think they can simply lay their hardwood on top of whatever sub floor is already there, but this could result in hardwood floor that squeaks when stepped on or comes loose prematurely.

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Choosing the Wrong Wood Species

The choice of wood is another important factor in the overall success of a hardwood installation Albuquerque project. Some homeowners, when hardwood installation albuquerque selecting a hardwood, will choose whatever is the cheapest option or whatever is on sale. However, when one fails to consider the humidity and moisture content of the home, this is a big mistake. After all, not all hardwoods are designed to stand up to high moisture.

Not Using Enough Fasteners

Another common mistake that should be avoided at all times when installing hardwood flooring is that of not using enough fasteners or nails to secure the wooden boards into place. This is often done out of laziness, but this mistake will be readily apparent when the boards start coming loose over time, or if the home ever has to pass an inspection down the road. Using enough fasteners and nails will help keep the floors in place and protect them from damage.

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Failing to Consider Room Size/Shape

Finally, homeowners need to carefully assess the size and shape of a room before they install hardwood flooring in it. A lot of times, walls that appear to be straight are actually slightly curved or even slanted, which can impact the way hardwood should be laid down. Before beginning installation, then, homeowners need to carefully plan out in what direction the wood should be laid based on the unique size and shape of each room within the space.


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