Choosing the Perfect Plank Width For Hardwood Floors

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Typically, when homeowners consider the prospect of having hardwood flooring installed, they concentrate on choosing the perfect type of wood and finish. Although these are certainly important aspects of hardwood floor style, the width of the floorboards can also have a huge impact on a room’s appearance. Before investing in hardwood installation Albuquerque, it is important to carefully consider which floor width is best suited to the chosen room’s interior. There is no one size that works in every situation, which is why is is important to keep the following considerations in mind while selecting the perfect hardwood floor width.

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Standard Flooring Size
Certain hardwood floor widths are more common than others, with most options involving 2 1/4 inch or 3 inch boards. This is a fairly narrow width, but it is an excellent choice in a number of contexts. For example, the elongated boards can make a small room seem a bit more spacious. Often referred to as strip hardwood, this type of flooring is often found in older homes, as it was, at one time, the only option given to many homeowners. However, when used in newer homes, strip hardwood boards can lend a surprisingly contemporary feel to an otherwise drab room. In most situations, it is advisable to stick to a uniform grain when installing narrow floorboards.

Opting For Wide Planks
There is nothing wrong with a standard-sized floorboard setup, but some homeowners prefer to opt for the more unique look attributed to wider planks.

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Boards that are wider than three inches but narrower than a foot are generally used in rustic-style homes. They can also make large rooms feel homier. Avoid using wide planks in cramped spaces, as this will create a stifling effect.

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Random Widths
Uniform widths are favored by most homeowners, but for an intriguing take on hardwood flooring, consider switching it up with alternating wide and narrow planks. These boards can be aligned in a parallel manner, or a wide plank can be set perpendicular to a series of narrow boards.
By experimenting with various floor board widths, it possible to completely change a room’s appearance. The key to choosing the perfect plank width involves the drafting of an overarching design concept and then tailoring the hardwood style to fit that unique vision. The end result is a gorgeous and very unique interior.


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