How to Clean and Maintain a Hardwood Floor

Albuquerque homeowners who want a durable, good looking floor for their home should seriously consider hardwood installation Albuquerque. hardwood installation albuquerque Hardwood flooring is available in various colors and price points and can last for decades; it can also be installed in just about any room of the home.

At the same time, those who opt for this type of flooring will need to clean and maintain it in order to extend its lifespan and keep it looking good. Following are some tips that can enable a homeowner to keep a hardwood floor clean and in good condition.

Regular Cleaning
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Those who want to be able to clean a hardwood floor with ease should have it sealed. While the cost of doing so can be quite high, a sealed hardwood floor is impervious to water damage. This means that it can be swept and mopped just like a tile floor. On the other hand, an unsealed wooden floor cannot be mopped, as the water will damage the wood.

To clean an unsealed wooden floor, one should simply sweep it on a daily basis, immediately wipe up any water spills and then wax the floor weekly or every other week. Waxing can be done with either liquid or paste wax.

Mopping Tips

Even a sealed wooden floor can be damaged by using the wrong type of disinfectant. To mop a wooden floor, use only soap or a non-abrasive cleaner. The cleaner should be poured into a bathroom remodeling santa fe mop bucket with water, never directly on the floor. The mop should be squeezed out so that it is not too wet when it is used to mop the floor.

Ideally, a person should avoid mopping the floor on a daily basis unless the room in question gets a lot of foot traffic. Mopping every other day or even weekly is usually best.
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Installing a wooden floor in the home not only beautifies the home but can even add value to the house. However, such a floor can also be easily damaged if it is not properly cared for. It is important to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on the floor to avoid creating cracks and scuff marks. One should also never drag objects across the floor as these can cause scratch marks. Cleaning the floor carefully, as outlined above, is also wise as it will preserve the longevity and beauty of the wood.


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