What Does it Take to Keep a Hardwood Floor in Great Shape?

What Does it Take to Keep a Hardwood Floor in Great Shape?

Hardwood flooring is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and there are many options to choose from. Old standbys like oak and walnut are easy to find, and modern variations are also prevalent. Some of these variations are true hardwood, but others use different materials, such as bamboo, to provide effects that are both unique and familiar at the same time.

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No matter what kind of wood is chosen, one of the keys to keeping a hardwood or hardwood installation albuquerque in top condition is using the proper sealant.

The sealant is what makes it so that an accidental spill won’t ruin the finish as long as the water is quickly dried off. Good sealant also resists scratches and general wear far better than poorer alternatives. Polyurethane is the sealant that is typically used today because it is far more durable than options like linseed oil.

Despite this, some people still choose to use linseed oil or another natural alternative because they want the floor to look like the ones made 100 years ago. Those who seek to replicate the old-fashioned style also prefer to buy hardwood that is “distressed” or “antiqued.” This type of hardwood floor looks much like what would be found in a vintage building.

Maintenance is the next key to keeping a hardwood floor in great shape. Almost all of the cleaning must be done by dry-mopping in order to preserve the finish.

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When more serious cleaning is needed, special hardwood cleaners are used. These take up stubborn marks without degrading the polyurethane.

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Every few years, refinishing will still be necessary. How long a floor can go between refinishings depends on factors like the amount of use the floor gets, what type of use it gets, and what finish was on it to begin with.

One of the most critical aspects of hardwood floor longevity must be handled before any maintenance ever takes place. The quality of hardwood installation in Albuquerque will determine if the basic functionality of the floor will be present or if it will be forever compromised.

Good installation starts with good subflooring, and if it isn’t present, a high-quality installer will fix that first.

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Then, the floor must be laid perfectly so that it is flat and all of the slats will stay exactly where they belong throughout the entire life of the floor. With this foundation, a hardwood floor can last for over a century without the need for replacement.


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