4 Common Hardwood Installation Mistakes to Avoid

For homeowners looking to add value and beauty to their homes, replacing existing floors with hardwood can be a great way to go. After all, today’s buyers have voiced a high demand remodeling albuquerque nm for hardwood flooring. Those considering hardwood flooring for their homes can save a great deal of money by completing the hardwood installation themselves instead of hiring an Albuquerque flooring professional, but there are some potentially costly mistakes that will need to be carefully avoided along the way.

Not Preparing the Sub Floor

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when trying to lay their own floor is that of not adequately preparing the sub floor, which is usually made of a plywood material. Many homeowners think they can simply lay their hardwood on top of whatever sub floor is already there, but this could result in hardwood floor that squeaks when stepped on or comes loose prematurely.

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Choosing the Wrong Wood Species

The choice of wood is another important factor in the overall success of a hardwood installation Albuquerque project. Some homeowners, when hardwood installation albuquerque selecting a hardwood, will choose whatever is the cheapest option or whatever is on sale. However, when one fails to consider the humidity and moisture content of the home, this is a big mistake. After all, not all hardwoods are designed to stand up to high moisture.

Not Using Enough Fasteners

Another common mistake that should be avoided at all times when installing hardwood flooring is that of not using enough fasteners or nails to secure the wooden boards into place. This is often done out of laziness, but this mistake will be readily apparent when the boards start coming loose over time, or if the home ever has to pass an inspection down the road. Using enough fasteners and nails will help keep the floors in place and protect them from damage.

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Failing to Consider Room Size/Shape

Finally, homeowners need to carefully assess the size and shape of a room before they install hardwood flooring in it. A lot of times, walls that appear to be straight are actually slightly curved or even slanted, which can impact the way hardwood should be laid down. Before beginning installation, then, homeowners need to carefully plan out in what direction the wood should be laid based on the unique size and shape of each room within the space.


Protecting Hardwood Floors From Pets

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The decision to have hardwood flooring installed in one’s home can be a wonderful one. After all, hardwood flooring can add resale value while also giving the home a more elegant appearance when compared to many other flooring types. However, hardwood flooring can be difficult for pet owners to maintain, as pets’ nails and actions can cause premature wear and tear to even the most durable of hardwood floors. Fortunately, there are a few steps any pet owner can take to protect new hardwood installation Albuquerque.

Cleaning Up Stains Immediately

All pet owners know that stains are inevitable; whether it be a hair ball from a cat or an “accident” by a new puppy, stains can be a hardwood floor’s worst nightmare. For example, the acids found in a cat’s vomit/bile can actually cause staining and other damage to hardwood floors. As such, it’s important for pet owners to be on top of cleaning up stains as soon as they occur. This will help to reduce staining and decrease changes of floors becoming permanently damaged.

Putting Down Rugs and Mats

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Another good idea for pet owners to follow after hardwood flooring installation at their Albuquerque homes is that of laying down rugs and mats, especially in areas of high foot traffic. This can help to reduce scratches and gouges in the floor caused by pets’ claws. For example, homeowners with dogs who like to run full speed to the patio door when going outside may want to consider placing an area rug or mat near the patio doors to cut back on floor damage over time.

Keeping Pets’ Nails Trimmed

Perhaps the best thing a pet owner can do when it comes to protecting hardwood floors, however, is simply keeping their pets’ nails trimmed as much as possible. This isn’t always an easy task, especially with cats who don’t typically like having their nails trimmed. However, by taking pets to the local groomer every couple of weeks, it is possible to keep their nails trimmed and protect floors.

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As a result, homeowners can save money on potentially expensive hardwood floor replacement and/or repair down the road.

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Maintaining new hardwood floors does take some care and patience, but this is especially true for pet owners. By following these tips, however, any pet owner and keep their floors looking like new for years to come.

Different Types Of Flooring And the Levels Of Difficulty To Install

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When homeowners are considering whether or not to install hardwood floors, many of them ask their selves whether it is something they can easily do on their own or if they’ll need to hire a professional. Truth is, hardwood installation Albuquerque can range from an easy DIY project to a project that requires lots of finishing and carpentry skills. Here’s a closer look at a few options that are available, starting with the easiest to install and then the hardest.

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Laminate flooring is the simplest to install. Laminate is not really made of wood but it is made out of the same material as the plastic laminate countertops. Over the years, laminate flooring has developed an extremely realistic look. Laminate is known as the floating floor that can lock together without glue or nails, and it can be installed over most floors and then taken back up if needed.
Engineered wood flooring

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This is the next best choice if a person is wanting to do a “ do it yourself” project. This flooring consists of thin veneer hardwood glued to substrate made of plywood-type wood plies. It is available in a style where a homeowner will need to nail or glue it down, or it can be bought pre-finished. Some types of flooring like lyptus flooring are made to lock together without the use of fasteners, which is very similar to laminate flooring.

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Solid hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is the most difficult to install. It needs to be attached with a special flooring nailer first, and then it needs to be sanded with a tool called a drum, and then finally it gets finished. The process of sanding can be tricky if the person has never done it before, and this is a vital part to putting down the flooring, especially since the sanding job can either make or break the entire look of the floors. When laying this type of flooring, it is strongly suggested that the homeowner look into paying a professional to do it.

Choosing the Perfect Plank Width For Hardwood Floors

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Typically, when homeowners consider the prospect of having hardwood flooring installed, they concentrate on choosing the perfect type of wood and finish. Although these are certainly important aspects of hardwood floor style, the width of the floorboards can also have a huge impact on a room’s appearance. Before investing in hardwood installation Albuquerque, it is important to carefully consider which floor width is best suited to the chosen room’s interior. There is no one size that works in every situation, which is why is is important to keep the following considerations in mind while selecting the perfect hardwood floor width.

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Standard Flooring Size
Certain hardwood floor widths are more common than others, with most options involving 2 1/4 inch or 3 inch boards. This is a fairly narrow width, but it is an excellent choice in a number of contexts. For example, the elongated boards can make a small room seem a bit more spacious. Often referred to as strip hardwood, this type of flooring is often found in older homes, as it was, at one time, the only option given to many homeowners. However, when used in newer homes, strip hardwood boards can lend a surprisingly contemporary feel to an otherwise drab room. In most situations, it is advisable to stick to a uniform grain when installing narrow floorboards.

Opting For Wide Planks
There is nothing wrong with a standard-sized floorboard setup, but some homeowners prefer to opt for the more unique look attributed to wider planks.

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Boards that are wider than three inches but narrower than a foot are generally used in rustic-style homes. They can also make large rooms feel homier. Avoid using wide planks in cramped spaces, as this will create a stifling effect.

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Random Widths
Uniform widths are favored by most homeowners, but for an intriguing take on hardwood flooring, consider switching it up with alternating wide and narrow planks. These boards can be aligned in a parallel manner, or a wide plank can be set perpendicular to a series of narrow boards.
By experimenting with various floor board widths, it possible to completely change a room’s appearance. The key to choosing the perfect plank width involves the drafting of an overarching design concept and then tailoring the hardwood style to fit that unique vision. The end result is a gorgeous and very unique interior.

How to Clean and Maintain a Hardwood Floor

Albuquerque homeowners who want a durable, good looking floor for their home should seriously consider hardwood installation Albuquerque. hardwood installation albuquerque Hardwood flooring is available in various colors and price points and can last for decades; it can also be installed in just about any room of the home.

At the same time, those who opt for this type of flooring will need to clean and maintain it in order to extend its lifespan and keep it looking good. Following are some tips that can enable a homeowner to keep a hardwood floor clean and in good condition.

Regular Cleaning
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Those who want to be able to clean a hardwood floor with ease should have it sealed. While the cost of doing so can be quite high, a sealed hardwood floor is impervious to water damage. This means that it can be swept and mopped just like a tile floor. On the other hand, an unsealed wooden floor cannot be mopped, as the water will damage the wood.

To clean an unsealed wooden floor, one should simply sweep it on a daily basis, immediately wipe up any water spills and then wax the floor weekly or every other week. Waxing can be done with either liquid or paste wax.

Mopping Tips

Even a sealed wooden floor can be damaged by using the wrong type of disinfectant. To mop a wooden floor, use only soap or a non-abrasive cleaner. The cleaner should be poured into a bathroom remodeling santa fe mop bucket with water, never directly on the floor. The mop should be squeezed out so that it is not too wet when it is used to mop the floor.

Ideally, a person should avoid mopping the floor on a daily basis unless the room in question gets a lot of foot traffic. Mopping every other day or even weekly is usually best.
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Installing a wooden floor in the home not only beautifies the home but can even add value to the house. However, such a floor can also be easily damaged if it is not properly cared for. It is important to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on the floor to avoid creating cracks and scuff marks. One should also never drag objects across the floor as these can cause scratch marks. Cleaning the floor carefully, as outlined above, is also wise as it will preserve the longevity and beauty of the wood.

Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring – Which is Best?

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Most Albuquerque flooring companies that offer hardwood installation Albuquerque services also do laminate wood flooring.
Laminate floors are cheaper than genuine hardwood floors and in many cases look just as nice as genuine wood; even so, hardwood flooring has its own unique advantages. Following is an overview of both flooring options for one’s consideration.

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Hardwood Flooring
There are many types of hardwood to choose from, with some common options being pine, maple, redwood and bamboo. These floors come in different colors and the cost depends not only on the wood chosen but also on the size of the room in question.
While hardwood flooring can be pricey and difficult to install, it also lasts a lot longer than laminate flooring and as such adds considerable value to the home. While hardwood can be repaired by sanding it down and refinishing it, damaged laminate flooring must often be replaced in its entirety.

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A homeowner who has a limited budget to work with may feel that laminate flooring is his or her only option. However, this is not always the case. As was noted above, the cost of hardwood flooring depends on various factors. A homeowner who takes the time to shop around may be able to purchase genuine hardwood flooring at a good price.
Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring, like hardwood flooring, is available in multiple shades and styles. It is affordable and easy to install. What is more, laminate wood flooring is environmentally friendly.

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Laminate wood flooring can be used for the kitchen or bathroom as it is not susceptible to water damage. Additionally, this type of flooring is also very easy to clean. However, as was noted above, it is not very durable. A scratch or dent can entirely ruin the look of the room. Choosing the right type of flooring for any room of the home is very important, as flooring can be not only costly but difficult to replace on a regular basis. A homeowner who is considering either laminate or genuine hardwood flooring will want to consider costs, ease of installation and ease of maintenance before picking a flooring type. While no one type of flooring is inherently better than another, there are often factors that will make a particular type of flooring the best option for a particular homeowner.

What Does it Take to Keep a Hardwood Floor in Great Shape?

What Does it Take to Keep a Hardwood Floor in Great Shape?

Hardwood flooring is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and there are many options to choose from. Old standbys like oak and walnut are easy to find, and modern variations are also prevalent. Some of these variations are true hardwood, but others use different materials, such as bamboo, to provide effects that are both unique and familiar at the same time.

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No matter what kind of wood is chosen, one of the keys to keeping a hardwood or hardwood installation albuquerque in top condition is using the proper sealant.

The sealant is what makes it so that an accidental spill won’t ruin the finish as long as the water is quickly dried off. Good sealant also resists scratches and general wear far better than poorer alternatives. Polyurethane is the sealant that is typically used today because it is far more durable than options like linseed oil.

Despite this, some people still choose to use linseed oil or another natural alternative because they want the floor to look like the ones made 100 years ago. Those who seek to replicate the old-fashioned style also prefer to buy hardwood that is “distressed” or “antiqued.” This type of hardwood floor looks much like what would be found in a vintage building.

Maintenance is the next key to keeping a hardwood floor in great shape. Almost all of the cleaning must be done by dry-mopping in order to preserve the finish.

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When more serious cleaning is needed, special hardwood cleaners are used. These take up stubborn marks without degrading the polyurethane.

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Every few years, refinishing will still be necessary. How long a floor can go between refinishings depends on factors like the amount of use the floor gets, what type of use it gets, and what finish was on it to begin with.

One of the most critical aspects of hardwood floor longevity must be handled before any maintenance ever takes place. The quality of hardwood installation in Albuquerque will determine if the basic functionality of the floor will be present or if it will be forever compromised.

Good installation starts with good subflooring, and if it isn’t present, a high-quality installer will fix that first.

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Then, the floor must be laid perfectly so that it is flat and all of the slats will stay exactly where they belong throughout the entire life of the floor. With this foundation, a hardwood floor can last for over a century without the need for replacement.